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A Call with Nira

The fourth and fifth-graders had a ZOOM call with Nira, who comes from Sri Lanka and lives in London.

Rubi, 4. B

This is what Nira wrote after the call: “A week ago, Valentina invited me to a ZOOM call with the pupils from the elementary school Frana Erjavca in Slovenia. Since the COVID-19 spreading in Slovenia as well, they learn from home and often have ZOOM calls. They are 10 or 11 years old and at English that Valentina teaches, they were talking about Diwali, which is a festival celebrated in our culture. It is a festival of lights, of fireworks and family being together. We also talked about the traditional wedding and I have shown them some of my pictures. I have told them about Sri Lanka and showed them some photos. They were full of questions and we could have talked for days. They wrote about this call and said they really loved being with me and I enjoyed being with Valentina and her pupils talking about our culture. They said it was something they have never experienced before. One pupil said she loved the sari I was wearing because it was so colourful. They loved that it was peacock blue. They found it interesting the colour can be called after an animal. I showed them our house and how the outside of it looks like. They found the prayer room the most interesting, with the photo of my dad being there as well. An hour flew by in a minute.”



*Nira lives in London and was born in Sri Lanka.

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