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Fran’s Got Talent – home edition

We are Fran Erjavec Primary School, from Nova Gorica. We are a group of talented and creative pupils. Welcome!

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Our 4th graders

Our fourth graders made short videos to introduce themselves. They talk about their interests and tell us what food they like, what are their favourite books and what they want to be when they grow up.

Anabela, 4.b.

Lukas, 4.d.

Gaja, 4.d.

Kris, 4.a.

Elija, 4.c.

Žan, 4.c.

Ervin, 4.b

School year 2019/2020

Grade 1 to 5

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Grade 6 to 9

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Kidričeva ulica 36

5000 Nova Gorica